Aria Taban Sahand Electronic Group   is an after-sales service and warranty agency for all types of multimedia broadcasting systems and monitors for Iran Khodro vehicles in Tehran.

Specialized agency for repairing car accessories

Aria Electronics, having one of the most equipped workshops and modern equipment for troubleshooting and repairing audio and video systems, as well as having an expert team in the field of repairs, is one of the top agencies in the country.
All distribution systems of cars produced by Iran Khodro, including Peugeot 405 – Peugeot 206 – Peugeot Pars – Haima s7 – s5 – Suzuki Vitara – Samand – Dena and Dena Plus – Dongfeng h30 and… include the after-sales services of this center.
If the warranty of your device is over, the repairs will be done after diagnosing the problem, announcing the price and your request.

Repairs and warranty of the following brands are done at Aria Electronics



Rac box





Fly Max

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